"Wanderin' Heart" / "Port Townsend"

by The Desert Kind

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released January 7, 2014

Recorded at Recursive Delete Audio-Visual, Portland, Oregon, in the fall of 2013
Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Jack Saturn

Chris Bigley - acoustic guitar, vocals
Elwood Johncox - upright bass
Max Skewes - banjo
Ben Cartwright - dobro, electric guitar

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The Desert Kind Portland, Oregon

The Desert Kind is the brainchild of Portland-based songwriter Chris Bigley. Beginning as a mostly unplugged Americana outfit, Bigley shifted gears in 2015, stripping the live presentation to a duo--himself and bassist J Elwood Johncox, and emboldening their material with pulsing kick drums and crackling electric guitars. Anchored by Bigley’s writing, the band marches onward. ... more

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Track Name: Port Townsend
So we're singing songs in wishing wells
While Lady Mona cast a spell on us
And our purpose will be clear
Burn my eyes with colors and with fears

And we're tracing tracks of borrowed lines
While sun and moon tell us the time, lets see
Well i'm just the same as you
And you're just the same as me

Lady Mona woodland queen can you tell us all you've seen tonight?
Is it the symmetry of starts, have you spoken with the gods, come down

So, we grin and bear the grieving truth
While cistern ghosts dance on the roof, I know.
We'll be good souls instead
We're just fraying from the thread

Beneath the see-through veil of time
I see that ghost and paradigm, it's true
Well, I can be a good man too
Hell, I'm just the same as you

Lady Mona cast your spell
Send the good souls straight to hell, tonight
Lady mona woodland queen can you tell us all you've seen tonight?
is it the symmetry of starts, have you spoken with the gods, come down
Track Name: Wanderin' Heart
I can't stop this wanderin heart, wanderin' heart of mine
So i sit up till the morning light, with the highway on my mind

Brief were my days amoung you and my woice shall surely fade
From the confines of your conscience as I walk across the glade

I can't find the words to say 'cause my heart is bound to change
You wont find me at sunrise, where the sun sets in the sage

My love will be forgotten from your hearts and from your eyes
If theres no truth in what your dreaming, fare the well my sweet demise

Maybe somewhere down the line when this wanderin heart gets tired
I'll come to your window, babe, tell me it's gonna be alright

The songs we sing about it, oh, how the years they come and go
I guess I'll always have this wanderin heart and i'll always have my song